Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Under the sea with // Evelyn Roxana

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
This past week I got the chance to sit down with a real live mermaid! Although she’s traded in her fins for feet, Evelyn Roxana of is nothing less than princess of the sea.


The minimalist blogger and plant lover is not only a fellow colleague of mine but she is also a nature enthusiast and DIY expert.

Evelyn, like I, is also a Fashion Marketing and Management major at The Art Institute of Charlotte with a love for life, travel, and simplicity.

Keep reading below for Evelyn’s response to a few of my favorite questions!

1.) Do you consider yourself an artist?
I think anyone who creates something, whether it be music, a portrait, film, or a new fashion line, is an artist. As individuals, we create, destroy, and re-create our own selves more than anything else and I'm included in that. So yes, I do consider myself an artist.

2.) What is the weirdest thing about you?
It's funny because I think everything I do is pretty ordinary but if someone else was asked this about me, they'd probably give you an endless list of things. The 'weirdest' thing about me would probably be that I watch foreign movies more often than I dare say. It's gotten to the point where I have a notebook filled with 'must watch movies' and slang in different languages from Greek to Dutch and everything in between.

3.) Your daily uniform?
If I could, I'd wear oversized men's cotton basic Ts, tucked into my favorite pair of dark wash high waisted denim shorts, and my worn out white Converse. Sadly, my brother keeps complaining about a mysterious T-shirt thief so I have to switch it up at times.

4.) Lusting over? (Current obsessions)
Short hair. I mean I cut off 16 inches off my hair so, yes I'm very much lusting over this whole short hair trend, as of lately.

5.) Your most recent discovery?
The Star Wars Episode 7 cast was my latest important discovery. I can't wait to see all these fresh young faces filling in big shoes and seeing where else they go from here. I love when 'new to the spotlight' young people are given a chance to do something historical.

6.) Year round must haves?
Chuck Taylor classic Converse and thin gold accessories.

7.) Inspiration & influences?
My mother's simplicity, music (mainly The XX), and whatever strange film I watched last. 

8.) Your least favorite word or phrase?
I really don't like to hear someone say, "hurry up" it just drives me crazy.

9.) Fashion icons? Alexa Chung, Miroslava Duma, Oliver Sim, and Bambi Northwood-Blyth are my favorite fashion inspirational icons at the moment.

10.) Your overall image and aesthetic is very simple and clean, so why minimal?
I grew up with my mom always saying "less is more" and it was mainly because I had to learn to share things with my siblings, but now that I'm older, "less is more" has increased its importance in my life. I think that the less you wear, express, and share about yourself, the more valuable you become. If you live a minimal, clean, and simple lifestyle, you're genuinely valued by your interior context instead of the overwhelming outer layers of your life.

And finally,

11.) Why the name Mermaid Wishing?
Every birthday candle I blew out growing up, I literally would wish to become Ariel, until I realized that was impossible. So, one day I just decided that I was going to be a mermaid and no one could tell me otherwise. I was about 8 then, I'm now 22 and people I've never even met will send me mermaid references, poems, illustrations, and what have you. I may have stopped wishing to be a mermaid, but the fact that people will do those things without ever meeting me made me realize you really can wish for anything and make it come true. I may not have literally turned into a mermaid but I'm now 'The Girl' from Mermaid Wishing and well, that's pretty close enough for me.

Be sure to connect with Evelyn via and don’t forget to check out her Instagram feed – it’s perfection!

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  1. This is incredible and I'm so honored! Thank you!

    1. You're welcome, anytime! Thank you so much for allowing me to pick your brain ;)

  2. Great interview, I throughly enjoyed it. :) thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


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