Thursday, January 28, 2016

LADY KEYS πŸ”‘πŸ”‘πŸ”‘: as told by me in the words of Dj Khaled

Thursday, January 28, 2016
We all know him. We all love him.
But none of us ACTUALLY understand him. *lmbo*

With major keys to success, reminders to never play yourself, something weird about door hinges, and the motivation to "bless up", Dj Khaled has become nothing short of a hilariously thought provoking, meme famous, Rev Run type, inspirational speaker, and we just can't get enough!

While wrapping up my night routine this evening, and waiting for ..

of Dj Khaled's (y'all knew it was coming) - off the wall snapchat stories, it got me thinking; about an entire boss babe list of my very own success keys, that will guarantee maximum slayage in the glo up process - no door hinges required.

Let's begin shall we?

Key #1: Good Moisturizer.

Dj Khaled wasn't lying when he mentioned Cocoa butter in one of his most popular snaps. Having 1-2 good multi-functional moisturizers (such as shea butter, coconut oil, or a skin salve) to use throughout your entire body is a definite #win towards hydrated skin.

He also wasn't lying when he featured his arsenal of go-to hygiene products either, so..

Key #2: Holy Grail Products

This can include anything from your favorite brow wiz to your preferred brand of tampons, as long as each product serves a must have purpose in your life and on your vanity.

Take the time to watch reviews, test out products, and learn what works best for you so that everyday is SLAY day.

Key #3: Routines & Regimens

It's the top of the morning. You can barely open your mascara crusted eyelashes to see, and your breath smells like last night's sushi. (NOT a good look hunty.) A much better way to start the day would be to rise and grind with purpose - having prepared the night before.

Whether it's incorporating a nightly skincare regimen or 10 minutes of exercise before leaving the house each day, sticking to both morning and night time routines - that focus in on the mind, body, and soul - will help you to start, end and live well each day.

Key #4: Pineapple.

(google it.)

Key #5: (all natural) Feminine washes

to go with the pineapples.

Key #6: Life Goals

Make boss moves. MAJOR ones. And don't let anyone - not even you stop you. There's paper to make, empires to build, dreams to fulfill, and nobody has thet time to be sitting around waiting for it to be handed to them.

Key #7: Hustle // Ambition

Come through in the clutch for YOU.


For Brows. Outfits. Nails. Edges. Feet.

Everything. Consistently.

Key #9: Notes to Self

Filled with self-love and positivity ONLY. You are a Queen. Reign as such.

Key #10: H20

just like these thotties out here - your body gets thirsty as well. Instead of a trap, give your body at least the recommended eight, 8-ounce glasses of water each day (or speak with your primary health care physician).

Key #11: Sleep

(As I sit up at 4:30am writing this.)

"I sleep seven hours. If I go to bed at two, I wake up at nine. If I go to bed at midnight, I wake up at seven. I don't wake up before —the house can fall apart, but I sleep for seven hours."
- Karl Lagerfeld for Harpers Bazaar.

oh yea, and ..

Key #13: Lace Panties
Pretty, feminine, sexy, lingerie for YOU. Get things that only you can see. You'll be surprised at how confident it makes you feel.

That's all the keys that I have for you guys today. Plus I've literally been sitting here for like the past 6 hours and I haven't slept yet - so I am out of here.

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Until next time,


dj khaled my  gifs
dj khaled my  gifs




  1. Happy to have found your blog. I didn't know about DJ Khaled, I guess I better find out :) Sleep well. Eve

  2. Aww thank you! Yea he's so entertaining LOL. I appreciate you reading! xo


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