Monday, August 29, 2016


Monday, August 29, 2016
lately i have been consumed with really great style.

having it, observing it on other people, what that means to me, what that looks like in my own wardrobe, etc.

not that i didn't care about style before (i wouldn't be me if i didn't), but i guess the older i get, the more important
personal style becomes.

i am constantly pushing myself to be the best me that i can be - bringing to life exactly what i see in my head, in order to paint the perfect picture of who i am.

(a boss, in case you were wondering. #bow.)

i believe that part of having great style, is having a great selection of the right kind of pieces to work with, and for me, growing my collection of footwear has been the focal point of defining my personal style.

growing up i was never really a shoe person. it's only been in more recent years that i've developed this love for sneakers, and even more recently this need for really great, fun, yet sophisticated,
grown up, lady shoes.

they're starting to become something that i can't imagine going one more day without. i seriously search for them everyday, so i put together a small collection of personal favorites that i'd love
to have.


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