Sunday, October 01, 2017

7 things to do this month 2.0 | THE MEN'S ADDITION

Sunday, October 01, 2017

this is not how i imagined that i would introduce this segment but here we are.
welcome to: THE MEN'S ADDITION.

i know that addition is spelled "wrong" but issa reason why. lol.

often i feel as though men are left out of  some really cool blog topics and conversation that really aren't specific to women but for whatever reason seem to be solely catered to us. i want to break that barrier and expand my blog content to include you guys as well. y'all are dope, and correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think y'all are told that enough.

i don't want to make this post about my views on gender roles in this society or feminism or any of that stuff - i literally just want to give y'all 7 cool things that you can do this month that maybe you've never thought of or have been needing to do (you're welcome) lol.

we will definitely get into more of what i think about those things at a later date, as well as my love for menswear and the influence that y'all have within fashion + lots of other things. for now, just think of me as the homie that truly wants to see you prosper in life and has the upper hand when it comes to advice because, well i'm a female - and you gotta admit that we lowkey got this life thing on lock lol.

ok so boom, here's the list:

#1. update your resume - is a great place to start.

#2. actually try out that recipe - real men cook too.

#3. hit up a friend that you haven't spoken to in awhile.

#4. take on a savings challenge or just save $10 - because, why not?
it's gonna be clutch one day when you need it.

#5. try a new fragrance - make sure its snack worthy or girlfriend approved lol.

#6. cop a fresh pair of shoe laces - it's amazing what that will do.

and #7. give something away.

thanks so much for reading, i really want to hear you guys thoughts on this whole thing.
constructive criticism is welcome - just please don't roast me lol.

until next time:

be easy.


7 things to do this month:

can y'all believe that it's october already?! september legit flew by, but i'm not complaining because issa birthday month for meeee.

and while i finish planning for my "new year" celebration, i thought i'd give y'all some ideas for things that you can do this month - other than sliding me some coins for my bday festivities - cash app user: $malaikadenise .

#1. update your resume - is a great place to start.

#2. actually try out that recipe - i can relate to the hundreds of saved facebook links.

#3. hit up a friend that you haven't spoken to in awhile. *texts bestie* :(

#4. take on a savings challenge or just save $10 - because, why not?
it's gonna be clutch one day when you really need it.

#5. buy a new lip color - make sure you feel like an entire snack in it tho.

#6. clean out your purse - because you know you carry your whole life in there.

and most importantly:  #7. give something away.

i hope those are some helpful things that you guys can do and i look forward to y'all getting me right (remember, cash app user: $malaikadenise) lol.

before i end this post i also want to s/o Janae Raquel from for making these bombbb planning sheets (featured above). they really do help me organize my thoughts throughout the day and help me stay on track w/ all my important tasks! you can get your copy from her website + check out all her other great content while you're there -- she's a doll.

until next time:

cash app me so i know it's real lol.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

smooth sunday

Sunday, September 17, 2017
well it's sunday. babe is sleeping. i'm playing nurse, and this is what i am listening to.

today i: finally got my peach tea (which i have been craving all week), and put together a mood board. also, i had crab linguini alfredo - which was low key everything because i could literally eat seafood everyday and be happy.

church reminded me of the importance of God's peace and where my strength truly lies.

today i am grateful for: good food, old faces, this sunset, relaxation, spending the afternoon with baby and creative ability.

i don't really have much else to say although i've got a lot of good blog content and post ideas floating around in my head - but we'll save those for another time.

i hope to get another post up before the week is out but we'll see how that goes too. for now, don't forget our list of things that we're supposed to be working on for this month.

tomorrow = new opportunity so prepare intentionally.

rest well.


Monday, September 04, 2017

September Issues

Monday, September 04, 2017

if you're like me then last month was not quite what you envisioned it would be, even the feelings of newness and fresh beginnings have yet to set in and you're probably wondering -- where's the reset button?

in the last month i have: needed to get away. sent my best friend down the aisle. seen the sun and the moon do some pretty weird things. lost someone. and even got a promotion (whoop whoop) and i still don't know how to feel about everything.

new months always feel like opportunity for me, but tbh i haven't really felt like doing anything. so i made a list.

i make a list for virtually everything (so that's nothing new) but this list is a little different. this list is for me and you. this list is for the tired, the lonely, the drained, the bored-with-life, the pessimist, the lost, the anxious, the dissatisfied, and everyone in between. it's especially for those that just don't know what the heck to do! you can stop walking around in circles now, i got you.

so, for this month, here's what we will NOT do:
- entertain self pity
- make others feel sorry for us
- isolate ourselves
- magnify the problem/problems
- procrastinate
- complain

however WE WILL:
- CREATE the space that we need
- keep our vision before us (if you don't have one, get one.)
- talk to inspiring people
- take charge of our lives
- be kind to ourselves
- welcome joy
- look for ways to give (the world is much bigger than just me and you)
- make smarter moves
- and invest in our future (what's the BIGGER picture?)

remember, that you deserve happiness and what you do with your life is up to YOU. i will be following the same steps too so you're not alone, and if you do get a little weary just know:

i'm rooting for you.
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